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The 2009 edition in the popular third-person shooter game series

The 2009 edition in the popular third-person shooter game series

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Program license: Free

Program by: Electronic Arts

Works under: Windows


Program license

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Program by

Electronic Arts

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After taking over development of this game from DICE, developer Easy Studious finished the game and licensed it to EA for use on Microsoft Windows (All Versions). EA included this game with its "Play 4 Free" online series. This is your typical third person shooting game. Battlefield Heroes is also part of the Battlefield series of games that includes "Battlefield 1942" and "Battlefield 2".

The game pits the Royal Army versus the National Army. The graphics are represented by cartoon caricatures. During the game, there are several different vehicles and weapons available for use by the gamer. The gamer also has three class levels of shooters to choose from; the Soldier, the Gunner and the Commando. Each of these characters has access to different weapons and modes of attacking. Each army starts with 50 lives and one flag. The goal is to extinguish all of the opponent's lives or capture their flag.

Aside from individual soldiers fighting on foot, there are several vehicles available for passengers. Ground vehicles include tanks like the M4 Sherman and the Panzer III/IV. There are also a couple of variations of planes and a submarine. As a multi-player game, each of these vehicles has a slot for passengers (gamers) to occupy and control the shooting during the battlefield engagements. EA offers a wider selection of weapons and vehicles for real money. Players can also purchase bandages that will add available lives.

The fighting action is fast and furious. There is no blood, but the game is still very violent making it quite questionable for kids. There are constant explosions and shooting as players make their way through enemy forces at each level. Conquering a level earns the player valor points that can be used to purchase more weapons and vehicles.

The game's controls are fairly easy to figure out. While the graphics contain cartoon caricatures, it is handled in a very stylish manner. In the online mode, programmers have provided a "matching" methodology that pits players of similar levels against one another. Overall, this game is fun and exciting for both experienced gamers as well as novices.


  • Multi-Player Feature - This feature allows for many players of similar skill to participate in a single battle scene.
  • Variety of Weapons and Vehicle - The inclusion of so many player options makes this game fun and interesting. Players get the opportunity to develop strategies using different tools to complete missions.
  • Cost - This game is absolutely free to download and play. EA gets its revenue from advertisements and by selling extras to players.


  • Cost of Extras - While the extras make the game a bit easier on the player, the cost of those extras might be considered excessive making them a little less attractive.
  • Flexibility in Games - No option or way for players to set up tournaments or head-to-head match-ups with friends and family.
  • Limited Armies - Players can only choose from the National Army (Germans) and the Royal Army (British). It would have been nice to have had other choices.

This download is no longer available. This could be due to the program being discontinued, having a security issue or for some other reason.

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